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  • syria art - Partly the artist himself produces his colours with natural materials he finds outside. Sometimes straw or sand, mixed into the colours, gives the surface of his paintings a lively structure. It is one special remembrance of his childhood that gave Hamid this idea: Every summer his father was mending the damages of the farmhouse with a pulp of loam, which Hamid and his brothers and sisters made by mixing loamy soil and water with their naked feet. - (Added: 26-Mar-2005) [Rate It]
  • الموسيقار حسين سبسبي OUD Husain Sabsaby - العود موسيقى للحياة كل ما أعلمه أن هذه الصفحة ليست ككل الصفحات بها أضع أحاسيسي المتناثرة في أعماق قلبي و أجمع شملها لأجعلها تنبت أنغاما و تنبت حباً وأمل عبر أوتاري المتواضعة وعودي العجوز - (Added: 23-Mar-2004) [Rate It] sponsered by ENANA for web solutions

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